On Fandoms!

Fandoms. Ships. Canon pairings. Non-canon.

All of these terms are used to describe the pairing off of characters by fans, often romantically, in books and films. If we pay close attention to books in particular, then a canon pairing or ship would include characters whom the author has confirmed are together (at least to some capacity) within the story. And a non-canon pairing involves characters who are not romantically inclined within the story, but readers/fans would like to see them together.

I can guarantee my readers that I support all fandoms and ships, both canon and non-canon alike, and the sexuality of the pairings makes no difference to me. The beauty of writing is its interpretive nature. No two readers will read the same story in the same way. Just because I’ve established a canon pairing, doesn’t mean unofficial non-canon ships are any less legitimate or unworthy of my support. The more ships, the merrier!

Authors who protest fandoms for non-canon couples are missing the big picture. Diverse fandoms and fanfic are the lifeblood of a writer, and without their fans/readers, books would sit on shelves, collecting dust (or virtual dust for ebooks).

So when a friend asked me, “What are you most looking forward to once your books are available in the future?” I gave this answer: I’m genuinely excited to see what fandoms and ships emerge among readers, and I hope to repay their enthusiasm with my own.